LSU Tailgating Tips-Edited Exit Strategy

Sean suggested to make this a fanpost, so I'll do that and add a little bit more detail.  I'll include my email too and you can ask any questions or exchange numbers in case you get lost or have a question when I won't have computer access.  I edited the exit strategy a little bit.



I know there were some people that said they were going to the LSU game before hand. Being an LSU student I figure I can add a little bit for people in that situation.

You’ll probably want to take a quick look at the map just to know where everything is. LSU is pretty big and it will take time to walk anywhere. You will want to walk because they just made the prime spots on campus $40 to park there. Most likely if you try to park free you will need to get there early to ensure there are spots available. You will most likely be coming from the southern/western part of the campus. Touchdown Village is the RV parking. Where you see the arrows is where the $40 parking is.

Here’s a big map:


Since you will be going to the SU game after, expect traffic to be pretty bad. It would be in your best interest to leave early if the game gets out of reach, or just to get a head start.  I consulted with a few people and they say that going Nicholson Drive all the way south until Gonzalez is a quicker route than going Lee.  Since everyone is trying to get to I-10 Lee will be too clogged and they say going south is quicker.  Since I'm a student I've never actually tested either way so you'll have to take their word for it.  Google maps shows that if you go straight all the way you will hit an I10 onramp.  Of course, this is on the assumption you are parking in the free lots to the south/southwest of campus.

If you decide to pay $40 and park on campus, the route to go is Dalrymple(right near the Chimes and crosses Highland) east and take it to Broussard Street.  Take Broussard east to Acadian and turn right(south) and go to I 10 south.  That's what they suggested and there is a traffic guard after gameday that makes getting on the highway easier that way.

Tailgating: There’s tailgating everywhere. There’s people that travel there just to sit outside and watch the game on TV. That’s how much of an event it is. Honestly, you could probably just walk up to anyone and introduce yourself and they would let you taste the gator gumbo. People here look at other teams fans as guests and act accordingly.

My tailgate is outside of the union steps. It’s in between highland road and tower drive, east of the stadium on the outskirts of the parade grounds. Team KATT is what the banner will say. I will probably be there and notice your Syracuse shirts if you choose to venture up there. They are friendly to people from all over the place.  If you must know, the street is technically called Raphael Semmes Rd, but it branches off of Tower drive.

It's really a good idea to explore a little bit.  LSU is a beautiful campus and they do a good job of keeping it clean.


There’s really no alcohol laws other than don’t drink and drive. You can carry whatever you want open where ever you want on campus. There’s porto potties everywhere, and most of the buildings will also be open where you can access bathrooms inside them.

If you want to buy stuff, the union is open on gameday and the gift shop is downstairs.

Depending on where your ticket is, you usually have to enter the stadium on that specific side.

Depending on how early you are there, Mike the Tiger will be in his pen right next to the Maravich center north of the stadium.

People might tell you to go “see the band go down the hill”, but it’s honestly not worth it. They do the same thing for pregame.


Food: Really, you could just ask people to try gumbo/alligator/jambalaya because usually it's made in large quantity.  However, if you want to grab something after the game, it would be in your best interest to try Raising Cane's.  It's a chicken finger place and that's literally all they sell.  It was founded in Baton Rouge and is kind of a campus food place across the south.  There is one just past Chimes on Highland Road, and there is one on Lee Drive just past Burbank.  The chicken fingers are pretty good, but they have a special dipping sauce that makes them unique.  If you're going to get fast food, at least try this.


"Know your neutral team" info:

Technically, LSU is the "Fighting Tiger" and originally they were based on a civil war unit.

General Sherman was the first superintendent at LSU(way before it even was LSU).  You will not notice anything about him because they are mad he pretty much burned the south down.

"Geaux Tigers" is really just Go Tigers.  Personally I didn't know that until I got here.  I thought it was gooks.

Mike the Tiger is a live tiger.  You might not see him on gameday because they bring him onto the field and put his pen next to the opposing team when they run out.  They say for every time he roars there will be a touchdown scored.

"Tigerbait" is the chant they yell at opposing fans.

In terms of rivalries, they are in a similar spot to Syracuse.  They pretty much control the state with the downturn of Tulane, kind of like how Syracuse does now with the downturn of Colgate(and arguably Army as well).  Their neighbor to the north(Arkansas) was in a different conference, just like Penn State still is for us).  Some consider Ole Miss to be the biggest rival, but with relatively little success by Ole Miss, some don't really feel that way.

The last time Syracuse played LSU was 1989 in the HOF Bowl(Syracuse win), and the only other time was in the 1964 Sugar Bowl(Syracuse loss).  Syracuse is 1-0 against LSU in basketball.

LSU doesn't have a lacrosse team, but LSU has been just as dominant as Syracuse is in lacrosse on the baseball diamond with 6 titles in the last 20 years and the most recent in 2009.  Similar to Syracuse again, their baseball field is the largest in college, while the Dome is largest for lacrosse.