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Syracuse vs. Tulane: Don't Discuss The Housing Market With Bob Toledo

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A coaches living status can often be an indicator of what his or her expectation is for the future. When former Syracuse Orange offensive coordinator spent the 2008 season living out of the University Sheraton, it spoke volumes for his expectations about the fourth and final year of the Greg Robinson Era.

So you can imagine what the reaction has been since Tulane Green Wave coach Bob Toledo put his New Orleans house up for sale.

Tulane Coach Bob Toledo's 4,416-square foot English Turn house has been for sale the past few months and is an active listing, according to The embattled Green Wave football coach has his home listed for $659,000.

It's no secret that Toledo is on the hot seat. Four seasons, four losing records, and a fifth season already on the downward turn.

Still, are people just simply jumping to conclusions? If so, Bob Toledo has had it up to here with you...

"...People are ridiculous. People are absolutely ridiculous. I put my house up (for sale) in May. The timing of this article and stuff is really interesting. I lose two football games and all of a sudden my house is for sale. The timing is really interesting. I put my house up for sale in May because my wife and I decided that our house is way too big for us at this point. It's just her and myself, and to have a 4400-plus square foot home and be where we're at just doesn't make sense. Last May, not Sunday, we put our house up for sale to scale down and get a little villa in English Turn because we love English Turn. That's what we're trying to do. A lot of people buy and sell houses. 

...It makes me sick, to be perfectly honest with you. It's amazing how cruel people can be. People are cruel, and I understand it being in my position. But I see these faceless, nameless people on the Internet that don't give their name and then go out and rip you. I have no respect for any of them."

When it comes to the Green Wave, Syracuse DC Scott Shafer looks at them from a game-by-game perspective.

"In my opinion, you gotta take each game for what it's worth and try to look at the whole body of work. They had a couple games where they've scored 30-40 points as well, but Army did a nice job defending them. Army did a nice job on the other side of the ball scoring points early and putting Tulane in a position where they had to probably get out of their comfort zone. When you can do that, the offense changes as dictated to the scoreboard, and you kind of saw that a little bit on film, so try to look at each game and each personnel grouping in and of itself before you make too many decisions as where they are or aren't, just kind of control the things we can, as we approach our game plan," Shafer said.

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