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Syracuse vs. Tulane: Cox Giving SU Fans The Shaft, Making It Really Hard

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Update: My plan to force Cox into submission via puns has worked. According to ESPNCNY, the game will be televised by SNY. Re-commence your bar-watching plans!

You want classy Syracuse puns? Go read Bud Poliquin.

So with the news that, as of right now, Time Warner Cable will not be showing the Syracuse Orange - Tulane Green Wave game this weekend, Syracuse fans, local and otherwise, are a bit SOL.

Cox Sports will be televising the game and Cox Sports isn't really all that concerned with reaching the Central New York Market. Cox is based in New Orleans, though they do have reach throughout the Southeast.

If you live in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, East Texas or the Florida Panhandle, you might be in luck (local affiliate list PDF). Then again, if you're a Syracuse fan living in any of those areas, you should probably just be at the game.

How tightly is Cox holding on to the rights for this one? You can't even watch a gamestream on Tulane's website. You can only get audio. Bah.

Hopefully, whatever is holding up the impasse between Time Warner Cable and Cox (read: money) will be settled and at least some of us will get to watch. Duece McAllister is doing color commentary for the game and I need my Duece fix. (Incidentally, the play-by-play man is Sean Kelley...The Tulane Me???).

If nothing gets resolved, most SU fans will have to resort to listening to the game on the radio (IMG Sports Network affiliates list).

I didn't think there would ever be a time when I would kill for I was wrong.