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Syracuse vs. Tulane: Chandler Jones Will Not Play & You Won't Get To Watch Anyway

Although Chandler Jones has received the go-ahead to begin practicing again, he will not play this week against the Tulane Green Wave.

I suppose the good news is that Chandler is on the mend and, coupled with the bye week, may just be back for the West Virginia game.

Continue thinking long and hard about Chandler Jones' lower body. Sinner.

#SHAMARKO Thomas and Olando Fisher are expected to play Saturday, providing the secondary with some much-needed depth and experience.

Meanwhile, if you're hoping to catch the Tulane game on Time Warner Cable this weekend, you can forget it.

Saturday’s football game between Syracuse University and Tulane University will not be available on television locally. The game, which starts at 8 p.m., is being televised by Cox Sports Louisiana.

Finally, that Cox Sports Louisiana subscription is going to pay off!

And yes, the Syracuse-Tulane match-up just got a whole lot classier. We're not just playing in some rinky-dink SuperDome. We're playing in the Mercedes-Benz SuperDome.

Of course, the idea of us playing in a building sponsored by a German company during Yom Kippur is enough to make my great-grandparents roll over in their graves. Then again, as I look down the Syracuse roster, me thinks that won't be much of a concern.