Just when it was safe to not worry


This whole SEC to 16 teams bothers me.  If Mizzou says "no," and WVU says "yes," that puts the SEC at 14.  If the SEC stops there... cool. But if Mizzou and WVU both say "yes," that means 15 teams.  Which is just as screwed up as 13 teams.  Which means one more team has to materialize somewhere. 

Gotta figure the ACC is the target.  Meanwhile, the Big Ten has googly eyes for Maryland. And we know Maryland and FSU lobbied to keep the ACC exit fee from going to $34M.  They ensured that it only went up to $20M.  The news was ACC security, but the truth is the opposite.  The real news is that three teams were not "all in" on the ACC. 

The end result of this could be FSU, WVU, and Clemson to the SEC. Then what?  Does the ACC add Rutgers and UConn?  We end up with this:

BC, UConn, Rutgers, Syracuse, Pitt, Virginia Tech, Maryland

Duke, North Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia, Georgia Tech, and Miami

Makes some sense, but hardly a football powerhouse. 

If I am the ACC, and we all almost are, gotta figure that any 16th team that helps make ND #15 is the winner.  But assuming that is impossible... does the ACC try to lure Oklahoma/Oklahoma St?  I know the academics is poor--maybe worse than WVU.  But what would placate FSU and Clemson more than those two schools?  Until Mizzou signs... they have to be available.  I know they aren't coastal or atlantic, but since when does that matter. 

To me... the first answer is to ask ND if TCU + ND gets it done.  They can play Texas and BC every year somehow.

The second answer is... ND... do UConn and Rutgers work better than TCU?  NO?  Didn't think so.  No, I don't get it either.  One good year, etc.

The third answer... ND... is there anyone else that works for you? 

The fourth answer is Oklahoma/Oklahoma St. 

And only after that is UConn/Rutgers an option.