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Syracuse Daily Links - SU Lacrosse Alumni Game Roster Set

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Syracuse University Athletics - Alumni All-Star Roster Set
Carcaterra’s 40-man roster includes some of the greatest players in the history of college lacrosse, including four-time All-Americans Gary Gait, Mike Springer, Mike Leveille, Roy Colsey, Ric Beardsley and Pat McCabe.

Gulley Gone: Marrone May Be Forced to Burn Ameen-Moore’s Redshirt : Orange Fizz – Free Syracuse Recruiting News, Sports Rumors, Podcasts
Redshirt freshman Jerome Smith got the first shot at stepping into the number two role, but came up small against Rutgers, carrying three times for just six yards. Marrone may have no choice but to put Ameen-Moore on the field. Smith has proven nothing, and it would be unfair to expect Bailey to continue a 25-plus carry per game load for the rest of the year without wearing down.

Syracuse University football coach Doug Marrone moves to correct breakdowns on field-goal team |
Should Marrone decide he can no longer stick with Morris as the short snapper on field goals and PATs, he has options. Starting center Macky MacPherson handled the duty last season and performed well there, and freshman long snapper Sam Rodgers, who handles punts, can do the job, too

ACC | Climate change: ACC benefits outweighed lost rivalries for BC, Va. Tech, Miami - Sports - The Daily Orange
"I'm sure Jamie and Jim are just thinking about, they may even have two years in this league. That's what they're going to concentrate on," Skinner said. "They're not going to think about what the future holds because who knows what it does. Something can change drastically, and all of a sudden, you're not in that scenario."

Mauro Meets his Fear at the State Fair - Hoboken, NJ Patch
The Syracuse cake will tell the story of Rob's life with family photos, a figurine of him on his high school wrestling team and the university's orange and blue colors.

Dashing through college football's psychological problems - ESPN
Syracuse (18). Has forgotten that it was a founding member of the Big East. Now sees itself as kindred spirit with such logical partners as Clemson and Florida State.

The Alphabetical, Week 5: The Annual And Variable Invincibility Of Alabama -
L is for Landborne. See, you don't need to leave your feet to properly jostle your opponent. Isn't that right, Dyshawn Davis?

Editorial | Move to ACC may mend SU's declining national reputation - Opinion - The Daily Orange
Representatives from Boston College said the Northeast school experienced an increase in applications from the Southeast, though that was not a motivation for joining the ACC in 2004. SU's move to the ACC may mend some of the recent blows to its academic reputation and certainly highlights its need to do just that.

What I learned from the Big East (Oct. 1) -
When the Orange went to their third overtime of 2011 in a game that already featured four field goals, I had a feeling Doug Marrone's squad might not be able to escape this one. After Rutgers (gasp) kicked a field goal to take a 16-13 lead, it was only appropriate that a fumble needed to be reviewed to seal Syracuse's fate. Not trying to hate on Syracuse's team or the Big East's decisions regarding last week's outcome, but Saturday felt like the football gods were doing some self-correction.

ESPNU goes All-Access on Syracuse Orange football. The show airs Wednesday night.