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Former Syracuse Football Player Malcolm Cater Going To Prison

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There's a lot of Syracuse Orange fans who look at the linebacker depth chart and think to themselves, "Man, if only we had one more guy out there."

Well, we did.

His name was Malcolm Cater and he there's a very good chance he would have seen action this year, probably even started.

But that was before he was arrested for burglary in December and kicked off the team.

Today, Cater was sentenced today to one to three years in state prison for his actions (via Jim O'Hara, Post-Standard).

Walsh ordered Cater's prison sentence to be served as a "shock-camp" sentence, meaning he could be eligible for release from prison much earlier than the one-year minimum imposed in court.

Noting that Cater was intelligent and talented, the judge said he hoped Cater would have a good future, and not just in sports.

Cater came to Syracuse with all the potential in the world. He ended up throwing it away to break into three apartments, including Ryan Nassib's. And as you might remember, he was found out when police tracked footsteps in the snow from one of the burglarized apartments back to Cater's. Ugh.

Like the judge, I hope Cater sorts it out. He hasn't had an easy life and I'm sure he realizes how many people he disappointed. I know he has a child and it sounds like he is remorseful. His days at SU are over but hopefully he can pick up the pieces elsewhere once he's out of prison.