This loss is ALL on Marrone!!

This was a terrible game, and all the blame falls on Marrone and his staff. Everyone knew that the only asset Rutgers had was their swarming defensive rush and yet our offense, and Nassib in particular, were unprepared for it. And, worse than that, Hackett never called any plays to help them take control of the situation. Unforgivable!!!

The other area that Rutgers excels at is special teams and their uncanny ability to block kicks. So, what do we do? We let them walk in and blow up our field goals and an extra point. The kicking team for SU already showed some problems in previous games, but the coaches did nothing to fix those problems, let alone prepare them for what Rugers was going to do. The walk on long snapper CANNOT get the job done. His poor snaps have added too much time to the kick sequence which is causing the kicker to rush his kicks and\or get them blocked. Mackey should return to long snaps for extra points, field goals and shotgun ONLY. Get a big-body out there for regular snaps to provide more protection and open holes. 

This brings me the third area that pisses me off: short yardage!! How many times have we turned the ball over because we can't make 3rd and short?? Totally unacceptable and unnecessary!! With a bigger center opening a hole and a FB (maybe Ameen Moore?) running the ball, we gotta be able to pick up one freaken yard!!! Again, this is all on the coaches.

Everyone worries about the talent level on this team, but they have plenty enough to win games like this, but I don't care if you have all 5 star players, coaching like this will kill any team. Get a good special teams coach, replace Hackett with someone as good as Schafer has been on defense and this team will kick some booty!!