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Syracuse Football: Doug Marrone Haz A Sad, Prince-Tyson Gulley Done For Year

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I could write some stuff trying to explain Doug Marrone's reaction to the Rutgers' loss but I think he does a much better job himself.

"It's still very difficult to stand up here and talk about a football game that we truly feel that we gave one away. It's really the first one since we've been here that we felt that way. There are a lot of things that went on in that game – the five turnovers, three in the second half, two in the red zone. Once it was 13-3 we were never able to get the next score. We have a missed extra point, we had a blocked field goal, we had a missed field goal. There were a lot of things in that game to look around and make sure we get better and learn from it.

"It's tough and it's difficult. I feel for the fans. I feel for the alumni. I feel for everyone to a point where you look in the mirror in the morning and you wake up and realize that you have to do a better job. That's how I feel, And the only way to do it is to come back and continue to work hard.

"What I told the players after the game – obviously everyone was extremely disappointed – we talked about keeping your head up and being a man and recognizing the mistakes that were made that were critical. You can't win football games when you make those mistakes. The way to overcome things is to work hard, and the message that I told the players is that you can't let one loss lead to another. That's the one thing that's difficult. We have to find a way to get a level of focus about ourselves, to go out there and work hard, which we will. But again, you can't have the loss this week lead to another.

How bout some injury updates?

  • #SHAMARKO Thomas and Olando Fisher are practicing but limited.
  • Chandler Jones is getting a check-up on Tuesday and we'll know more afterward.
  • Prince-Tyson Gulley is, as feared, out for the year. We can assume it's the collarbone injury that was in that media report but Marrone remains mum as usual.

Update: The Daily Orange is reporting that PTG underwent "an operation for a broken collarbone — an injury that was sustained off the field." What the heck?