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Syracuse Orange-Themed Halloween Costume Contest

Good work, Bert.
Good work, Bert.

Bert here dressed up like a Syracuse Orange basketball player.  I'm not entirely sure what his friends are supposed to be (The Very Adult Cookie Monster Dancers?), but Bert is a winner. He didn't waste his Halloween dressing up as something dumb like a ghost or a zombie or a Jersey Shore person or a character from Twilight. He made the smart decision to go with his gut and go Orange for the orangest of holidays.

I assume you did/will do the same. And now it's time for you to prove it. Submit a photo of your Syracuse-theme costume in the comments below and you're automatically entered to win a PDF copy of Orange Tip-Off, the Syracuse Basketball season preview.

I'll pick some finalists and we'll put them to a vote. The winning vote gets the prize.

Of course, it's not about the prizes. It's about love of the game/holiday. It's about representing something bigger than you. It's about purchasing bologna and carrying that bologna around all night because you're that committed to dressing up like Doug Marrone.

Contest ends Noon Tuesday just so you have enough time to groggily wake up at 11am and upload the photos you forgot you took last night.

Literally G'Orange for Halloween, you guys.