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Orange Tip-Off Crew To Preview 2011-2012 Season: Call For Questions

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Tonight, myself, Brian Harrison, Dan Lyons, Brian Goodman, Matt McClusky and Adam Gerard will gather for the most important Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast of all time. With the 2011-2012 Syracuse Orange basketball season semi-kicking-off Tuesday night with our first exhibition game against CSULA, it's time for a summit the likes of which only usually gathers to elect Popes. Five members of the Orange Tip-Off staff converge like never before. Because we have literally never converged before. This is some serious convergence.

We're going to be talking about all the players, the coaches, the schedule and the expectations ahead. However, I'd love to throw some questions everyone's way from you, the dear reader. So feel free to leave a question in the comments below and I'll try to get as many of them as I can answered. And if we don't get to it on the podcast, we'll try to answer them in a post tomorrow.

The podcast will be posted early Tuesday morning so you'll have all day to get prepped for the evening's action and Scoop Jardine's first boneheaded play of the season (I keed, I keed...I hope, I hope...).

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