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Louisville Defeats Syracuse: Videos, Links, Recaps & Whatnot

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When Phillip Thomas' 95-yard fumble return for a touchdown disappeared due to an ill-timed timeout, it felt like a little payback from the Football Gods for the phantom timeout that went uncalled last week against West Virginia.

Doug Marrone had tried to get a timeout called against West Virginia as one of his players ran off the field. The timeout wasn't honored and the Orange ended up making two huge defensive plays, including an interception at the goal line. It was another one of those strange bounces that went SU's way this season. Turns out, not every bounce goes our way.

Marrone doesn't have any fancy words for you this week. No coach-speak. He just knows that, top to bottom, the Orange are "inconsistent" and it's up to him to harness the good while expunging the bad:

"I'm not going to use any excuses...Here we are in 'Year 3' and it's back and forth. To answer your question directly, we are an inconsistent football team that has to get better."

The Daily Orange's Michael Cohen is back with what's becoming one of his patented overreaction firebombings after every loss. This time it's Doug Marrone, not the players, who have his disdain for being out-coached once again. According to Cohen, Syracuse lost to USC cause they were out-coached (and had nothing to do with the ridiculous talent-gap?). As for the Rutgers and Louisville losses, perhaps there's something to be said for the way the opposing defenses controlled the tempo all day, fair enough. However, there was more to it than to simply say Marrone got out-coached. Plus, the "shame on Marrone for not acknowledging when he does something well" part is just weird.

And then there's this.

At this point in the season, Marrone has claimed failure in three of eight games. If I claim failure in three of eight classes, I lose my scholarship. So does Marrone lose part of his salary? No.

And that's why he needs to be better.

I don't even know what to do with this analogy. Syracuse lost five games last season, should Marrone have been fired? If Marrone blamed his players and assistants for every loss would that be better?

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