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Syracuse, Pitt Settling In To Watch West Virginia vs. Big East

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Syracuse Orange fans are rooting for West Virginia right now.

The Mountaineers are leaving for the Big 12 and they have made it abundantly clear they plan on leaving the Big East in time for the 2012 season instead of waiting the full 27 months that are required and that Syracuse & Pitt are being held to.

The Big East begs to differ.

First, Oliver Luck said not once but twice that West Virginia is "excited and look forward to July 1 2012 and joining the Big 12 conference."

When asked how WVU was going to make that happen, the school prez said "Our team and their team are in discussions about how we make that happen."

Sounds like both sides are talking this through. Except that, when asked, the Big East has absolutely no idea what West Virginia is talking about...

Big East puzzled by WVU's notion that they're negotiating an exit. They haven't talked about it. Don't plan to, either.

Big East won't be bought out by WVU because its a bad precedent for Pitt/Syr. Confident in their legal standing.

In other words, this is about to get UGLY. And you can damn-well bet that West Virginia is on the horn with Syracuse and Pittsburgh right now, checking to see how they can gang up and make this happen.

Grab some popcorn, folks. This is gonna get good.