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Syracuse vs. Louisville: And Ryan Nassib Shall Lead Them...

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via Mike Borkowski and

Ryan Nassib was the starting quarterback for the Syracuse Orange three years ago for about three months. Then, Greg Paulus made Doug Marrone cry and that title was usurped from Nassib.

It's easy to look back on the Paulus year and say it was a waste. However I think it's fair to say that Ryan Nassib is the better for it. He is, by all accounts, ahead of schedule, and being able to learn in that season instead of being thrown to the wolves might have been exactly what he needed.

"Looking back, sometimes I’m mad at myself for the decisions I made on the field two years ago," said Nassib, who was 36 of 68 for 422 yards and three TDs with one interception. "I just didn’t know. I guess I was naive and ignorant.

"Now, I feel I’m much better because of it," he said. "It really helped me. It made me learn a lot about myself as a quarterback. Coach Marrone put me in a situation where I was able to be brought along instead of just being thrown into the fire, but it’s like any position when someone takes your job. If you’re a competitive guy, that’s tough. But after time, I realize what was good out of it."

Nassib hasn't beaten Louisville as a starter. To change that, he's going to have to keep doing what he's been doing. And he's going to have to find a way to get all his weapons involved:

Orange receivers, coming off their best game of the season in terms of catching the ball, will face the kind of press man coverage that has given them fits this season. The emergence of Dorian Graham in the last two games as a receiver capable of beating such tactics should help. So should the presence of tight end Nick Provo, who has established himself as a target capable of getting open deep. SU must look to each asset Saturday, and each must deliver. The Orange cannot afford to be made one-dimensional on offense. They must be able to pass effectively.

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