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Good News: Syracuse Athletes Gettin' Paid. Bad News: Syracuse Athletes Need To Hit The Books.

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For those who have championed the idea of compensating scholarship student-athletes for the millions they bring in to their universities got a victory on Thursday when NCAA President Mark Emmert unveiled a proposal " giving student-athletes who receive full athletics scholarships the opportunity to receive additional athletics aid up to the full cost of attendance or $2,000."

Schools will essentially have the option to pay their players up to $2,000 (roughly $40/week) in addition to their scholarships and conferences will have the option whether or not to participate.

While this is good news for the athletes, it's also another move by the NCAA to ensure that the rich get richer. BCS Conference teams are much more likely to have that kind of money to throw around and, therefore, have one more thing they can leverage on top recruits.

So, that's good news, SU athletes. Though...there is a catch. Along with the stipends, the minimum requirements for the Academic Progress Rate (APR) are going up, which means more and more schools are going to find themselves locked out of post-season events when they fall short.

For access to post-season competition in 2012-13 and 2013-14, teams must achieve a 900 multi-year APR or a 930 average over the most recent two years to be eligible.

In 2014-15, teams that don't achieve the 930 benchmark for their four-year APR or at least a 940 average for the most recent two years will be ineligible for post-season competition.

In 2015-16, the 930 benchmark for post-season competition participation - and additional penalties - will be implemented fully. The APR requirement for post-season competition participation would be waived only in extraordinary circumstances.

If that 2012-2013 number had been in place last year, UConn would have been banned from the NCAA Tournament that they ended up winning. It also means Syracuse would have been ineligible for last year's tournament as well. Of course, the logic behind why SU would have been below the yellow line is BS and that's something they will hopefully fix before Jim Boeheim murders someone.

While basketball penalties have been prevalent, expect the amount of teams banned from bowl participation to start rising under this new rule. Syracuse was safe last year (unlike Louisville) and the idea of multiple banned football teams could spell disaster for bowls who are already scraping by on eligible teams.

Still, one bad season in terms of playing leaving school and/or failing could have huge implications on any college football program. Expect Doug Marrone to be standing outside of every classroom that includes a football player making a throat-slashing gesture anytime he sees the player doze off from here on out.