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Syracuse vs. Louisville: Defensive Line Ready For The Run

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The Syracuse Orange are coming off a game against an opponent known for putting the ball in the air. This weekend they'll face a Louisville squad known for pounding the ball on the ground. Time to adapt.

The defensive line know they're going to have to shift their focus on Saturday.

"The same mentality goes into it. But it’s a whole different scheme," said sophomore defensive tackle Jason Bromley. "Where West Virginia wants to throw the ball around a lot, this team wants to hunker down and run the ball."

"They’re going to throw their play-action (passes) and they’re going to be physical at the point of attack running the football, and we know that," SU defensive tackles coach Jimmy Brumbaugh said. "That’s what they did in the second half of the ballgame last year. You’ve got to be ready to play the run."

As usual, the Cardinals and the Orange are on a similar path. Ever since they both shared the basement a few years back, both programs seem to be following the same trajectory back up the charts. The winner of this one will actually have a real shot at competing for the Big East title.

Lost in all the hoopla with Ryan Nassib and Dorian Graham is the fact that Antwon Bailey has rushed for 100 yards in four-straight games. Can he make it five?

The Orange run game has really picked things up of late, and that means Syracuse has picked things up. This team is best when the run is able to set up the pass. But it now faces a Louisville defense that has allowed just one 100-yard rusher all season -- to FCS Murray State. Louisville ranks No. 14 in the nation in run defense and is quite capable of shutting down the Orange.

Adelson thinks the Orange will grab the victory, while three of the four predictors agree.

Syracuse University defensive linemen Chandler Jones, Deon Goggins and Jay Bromley talk about their big win against West Virginia and their approach in the Orange's upcoming Big East game against the Louisville Cardinals on Saturday (Steven J. Pallone / The Post-Standard).

The Post-Standard Columnist Bud Poliquin and Brent Axe,host of "On The Block" radio show on The Score 1260, discuss SU Football. Video by Frank Ordonez / The Post-Standard