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Syracuse WR Marcus Sales' Drug Charges Dropped

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Update: The Orange44 law dogs chime in.

Original: Back in July, Syracuse Orange wide receiver Marcus Sales and his brother were charged with fifth- and seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, second-degree criminally using drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of marijuana. Sales also was charged with passing a red light, consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle and violating the city’s open container law. It was all kinda impressive, really.

Today, the drug charges against Marcus Sales were dropped due to lack of evidence.

The charges against suspended Syracuse University football player Marcus Sales have been dropped after an Onondaga County grand jury did not find enough evidence to charge him with drug possession, authorities said. However, his brother, Michael Sales Jr., 25, was named in a grand jury indictment handed down today that accuses him of possessing drugs.

According to Senior Assistant District Attorney Michael Ferrante, the grand jury decided there was not enough proof that Marcus Sales knowingly possessed drugs. I guess he testified that he never turned around...

The indictment is now sealed and the matter is apparently closed (except for the minor traffic violations he committed). Now some folks are asking if Marcus will rejoin the football team and I honestly don't even think it's a question worth asking. I cannot imagine Doug Marrone just opens that door back up, no questions asked.

Marrone will apparently address the situation after practice.