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Syracuse vs. Louisville: From A Scoreboard Standpoint, Let's Score Points

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With everything going on over the last few days, its crazy that I'm not getting to this weekend's game until Wednesday. And yet, here we are.

For all the things Doug Marrone has accomplished at Syracuse, one of the things he has not is beating the Louisville Cardinals. UL topped the Orange 10-9 in an ugly 2009 contest and did it again in the Dome last year, 28-20. Marrone has made great strides for the program, but beating the Cardinals is one of those little things that has slipped through the cracks.

From the standpoint of beating Louisville, it's a good idea to do so.

"Louisville has a lot of speed on the field, and they have a good, young quarterback who is getting better and better each week. Every week, we're going to be challenged as far as what we do in the secondary and what we do from a coverage standpoint. We just have to keep getting better. We got beat on some deep balls which were good catches by receivers who were in position to make plays. (Sophomore cornerback) Keon Lyn did a good job on some of those plays on those fades by jamming them at the line and really winning."

Speaking of different types of standpoints, this is a new one:

Nothing bad from a scoreboard standpoint is going to happen in practice. There are a lot of bad things from a scoreboard standpoint that can happen during the game.

Meanwhile, Louisville coach Charlie Strong has his team heading in the right direction as well. His Cardinals just beat Rutgers, who beat Syracuse. But, don't think Strong is relying on the transitive property to win this game.

"Syracuse is an outstanding team...Defensively, they come with a lot of pressure, similar to us. You watch them play on defense and they are a very exciting team. They create a lot of turnovers. You look at the Rutgers game and Rutgers was able to beat them (Syracuse). But then, they go and beat a good West Virginia team. It is going to be a good matchup for us and we are going to have to play extremely well, extremely well, to go beat this football team."

One of the biggest surprises of the season so far has been the emergence of Dorian Graham. Between catching passes and running back touchdowns, Graham has gone from being "the fast guy" to one of SU's biggest threats. Not bad for a guy who wasn't even on offense when this season started.

"Every day during the summer I was out there catching passes (in informal workouts). It’s all repetition. Practice makes perfect. I still don’t stop. Every day I have to catch a hundred balls or whatever it is and really keep my train of thought and focus."

"The challenge is running full speed and being able to block out everything around you and focus on the nose of the football as you’re moving and just lock in on it and look at it all the way into your hands," he said. "It sounds easy, but...I don’t shy away from any challenge."

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