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Orange Tip-Off: Bad News, Good News & Great News

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The Bad News: Orange Tip-Off Magazine, the giant preview magazine that features everything you could possibly need to know about the upcoming Syracuse Orange basketball season, will not be available in stores this year.

The Good News: Orange Tip-Off will still be released, this time as an online guide. It will be available via Amazon's Kindle publishing, which means that it will be available for anyone to read on their Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and computer.

The Great News: It's coming this week!

Orange Tip-Off features player profiles, historical features and statistical analysis from some of the best SU-related writers and bloggers out there.

Contributors this year include Hoya Suxa's Matt Glaude,Orange44's Brian Harrison, TNIAAM's own Dan Lyons,'s Jameson Fleming, TNIAAM's Adam Gerard, radio host Matt McClusky, 900 Irving's Brian Goodman, 'How To Fail' author Aaron Goldfarb and Central New York Sports Magazine writer & author Scott Pitoniak.

Right now we're working out the kinks and getting this thing formatted so stay tuned to find out more about what's inside the pages and when it'll be available. We might not still have any pretty pictures in there but I guarantee you, you won't find a more complete preview of the upcoming season and state of the program.