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Nick Provo, You Tah(uchdown) Machine, You

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When Syracuse Orange tight end Nick Provo was named to the Mackey Award midseason watch list, I said that "if the Orange can keep feeding Provo and try to do so more often near the goal-line, he's got a shot at making the next cut."

Well if they keep feeding him like they did in the 49-23 victory over West Virginia, they're gonna rename it the Provo Award in about ten years.

Coming off a performance in which he caught six passes for 61 yards and a career-high three touchdowns, Provo will enter Saturday’s noon Big East game at Louisville (3-4, 1-1) second on the team with 28 receptions and first in TD receptions with five.

For reference, Provo had 33 catches, 365 yards and a touchdown all of last season.

Folks who were paying attention back in training camp shouldn't be too shocked, but it's a pleasure to see Provo really succeed after the rough start to his SU career. Between injuries and a lack of impact, there were times it seemed unlikely he'd one day become such a viable target for the Orange offense.

Now? He's already six receptions off of Chris Gedney's school record for receptions in a season (34, set in 1992). Provo also only trails Gedney is career receptions by a tight end. Gedney has 91 while Provo is way back at 69. Then again, with likely seven games to go, it's not unthinkable that Provo could catch him.

And remember, Gedney was a member of the All-Century Team for Syracuse. What will that make Nick Provo?