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Tuesday Is DaJuan Coleman Day For Syracuse, Kentucky & Ohio State

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Jamesville-DeWitt big man DaJuan "For The Last Time I Am Not Derrick's Son" Coleman will finally make his decision on where to attend school and play basketball for 1-2 years on Tuesday at 2:30pm ET.

Coleman is choosing between the hometown Syracuse Orange, Kentucky Wildcats and Ohio State Buckeyes.

While many have suspected Coleman would always go with the hometown team, I've always had my doubts. From what little I can surmise from his comments and actions, I just get the sense he doesn't want to be another guy who stayed home just because he was supposed to.

Whether purposfully or not, he always comes off awkward when discussing SU. "My thoughts on them are big."  Huh? "My thoughts of them are real good." Wha? Either he's been media-trained a little too much or he's evading...I can't tell.

That said, I wouldn't be completely shocked if he did choose SU. But if he doesn't, don't believe anyone who says its a shocking upset or a crushing blow for the Orange. Yes, we'd love to have him and his stocky frame, but we will survive just fine without him.

Coleman visited Kentucky for their Midnight Madness event a few weeks back. Calipari knows how to work guys like DaJuan, but keep in mind that there a LOT of other top prospects there as well. Coleman could have walked away thinking this was the place for him or he could have walked away thinking he'll never be a star there.

He visited Ohio State last week and is said to have a very strong relationship with OSU's Jared Sullinger.

Finally, he made his official visit to Syracuse this past weekend. He spent some time in the Dome with the team and, I'm assuming, heard his name announced over the loudspeaker like they do in all the movies about college recruits visiting schools. That's all I imagine recruiting consists of.