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Syracuse 49 - West Virginia 23: What Does It All Mean?

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The Syracuse Orange defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 49-23 on Friday.

Let me say that again. The Syracuse Orange defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 49-23 on Friday.

Because of this, you have questions. Let me provide you with answers.

Can everyone, and I mean everyone, go screw themselves? Yes.

Was This "The Turning Point?" I think it might have been. We not only beat a nationally-ranked West Virginia team favored by two touchdowns, we dominated them. And we did it in the Dome where we hadn't won many Big East games recently. And we did it in front of a packed house bigger than any crowd we've had in years. And we did in on Friday night in prime-time so the entire nation noticed. And the win brought us to 5-2, one win from going to a bowl game from the second-straight season. And the win justified Syracuse's previous wins and changed the perspective of the entire season.

It will be The Turning Point if the Orange can continue to turn. But, it certainly looks like it can be.

Should I Be More Angry About The Rutgers Loss Now? Eh...if you want to. Here's how I look at it: this team needed to lose that Rutgers the game in order to beat up West Virginia. Antwon Bailey had to literally fumble the Rutgers game away in order to know how to carry SU to victory on Friday. The offense needed to get beaten up by Rutgers' defense in order to know how to beat up West Virginia's defense.

What Does It Mean That We Killed WVU, But Barely Beat Tulane And Toledo? It's proof that you can't take what happened last week, or two weeks ago, or a month ago, and use that information to predict what's going to happen this week. Who you are in Week 2 is not who you are in Week 6. And doesn't it put everything in perspective about how this team needed to survive it's injuries and growing pains?

What Did Everyone Learn About Scott Shafer? Give Scott Shafer two weeks, he will murder your soul.

The Big East Title...Why Can't Us? Why can't us, indeed! I don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but looking ahead at the remaining schedule, does anyone terrify you or seem unbeatable? Obviously, the Big East is in "Any Given Friday Night" mode right now, so it's crazy to assume. doesn't seem to crazy anymore, does it?

Is Doug Marrone The Greatest Human Being Who Ever Lived? If anyone ever says anything bad about Doug again, I will murder their cat. And then murder them by beating them with their cat's carcass.

Nick Provo? Is that so shocking? We heard all preseason that Nassib and Provo had great rapport on the field. It seemed like it was only a matter of time before they had a game like this together. Still...didn't expect it to be this one.

Is Ryan Nassib An Absolute Magician? A lot of folks continue to rail on how Nassib shouldn't be mentioned in the same refrain as McNabb/McPherson/Graves. And given how much time is left in his career, they're right. But, you have to start believing that if anyone is going to put themselves in that category by the time he's's him.

How Bout 'Big Game Antwon Bailey'? I feel like if you look back at some of Syracuse's biggest wins over the past five seasons, you'll often see Antwon Bailey come up with big stats. There were a lot of complaints that he couldn't measure up to Delone Carter. Well, he's not Delone Carter. He's his own RB. And when that offensive line wants to thrown down for him...look out.

How Much Did We Miss Chandler Jones? I mean, look at the stats. Six tackles. Two sacks. Plenty of pass-breakups and play-changing moves. There's just something about having him on the field that has been lacking. You look back on the past games and you realize it more than ever.

Does Syracuse Own Geno Smith Like Siegfried Owns Roy? Yes.

Is This A Great Time To Be A Syracuse Fan? No doubt in the world.