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Syracuse Daily Links - Why Syracuse Will Win The National Title

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Ben Detrick on why Syracuse will win the men's basketball national championship - Grantland
What gives Syracuse an advantage over other title contenders is an ability to shape-shift. Boeheim, by choice or necessity, has often resorted to using a shortened, seven-man rotation; this season's team goes nine deep, with an arsenal of destructive tools to wage war on any type of army. They can carpet-bomb zone-playing opponents with outside shooting. They can trade bayonet thrusts with foes who choose trench combat. They have the mobility and speed to outflank insurgents hoping to cause havoc with full-court terrorism. If you are a follower of Duke, Kentucky, UConn, or Ohio State, you should hate their freedoms.

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse banking on experience, depth to succeed - Seth Davis -
Yup, that's Jimmy B for ya. If he squints hard enough into any blue sky, he's apt to find a gray cloud somewhere. Boeheim has a well-earned reputation for being dyspeptic and curmudgeonly, but the truth is he's also good company. He's funny, he's smart, he's curious. He's even nice sometimes. But the main thing I like about Boeheim is that he's honest. There are no pretensions with this man. He tells you what he thinks, all the time, every time.

The Axepress Lane: SU-West Virginia Mini-Preview, Bud and Brent Show on SU-WVU, and Week 7 NFL Picks |
Plain and simple, to compete for a Big East title, you have to beat West Virginia.

Syracuse University Athletics - Alexander Named to Preseason All-BIG EAST Team
The Orange was picked to finish eighth in the conference with 123 points. Notre Dame, the 2010-11 NCAA Championship runner up, was picked to win the regular season crown with 219 points, including nine first place votes.

Big East Coaches Debate Allowing Syracuse/Pitt To Leave Early For ACC : Orange Fizz
"Nobody cares what the coaches think anyway, lets be honest we have no say so in the whole thing. Obviously I love the Big East, hopefully they’ll add the teams they need to add and maybe with Syracuse leaving it opens up doors for us to get a little more publicity."

Big East: Did you know? - Big East Blog - ESPN
Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib is on pace for 248 completions, 384 attempts and 2,588 yards. All three numbers would be school records. He is on pace to tie the school season record for passing touchdowns (22) and finish second in completion percentage and passing yards per game.

Overshadowed at Midnight Madness last week was Russian Bar Trio. Let's give them their due: