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Parents Weekend: Enjoy Your Free Meals, Syracuse Students

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Hope you made your reservation at Spaghetti Warehouse, Syracuse Orange students. Otherwise, you might be SOL when it comes to stiffing your parents for a free dinner Saturday night.

Your going to be at the West Virginia game with them Friday night (RIGHT?), so the money meal will have to wait.

The Daily Orange traces the origins of Parents Weekend all the way back to1953 when parents from Long Island to New Jersey decided they didn't want to wait until December to see what their kids were supposed to be doing while they were doing whippets behind Archbold Stadium (Did they have whippets back then? They probably called them whippees or something like that).

Like I was saying, hope you made those rezzies. Cuse be crawlin' with moms all weekend:

As of earlier this week, just more than 4,000 people were registered and Bench said the Parents Office is still expecting more to register late this week and attend as walk-ins. Last year, 5,193 attended.

Parents Weekend has always been highlighted by the football game. Back in the day, the tradition was to only let parents think we played PAC-8 teams, like UCLA (1964) and Oregon State (1965). When I was there, the powers-that-be decided that the best way to keep my parents entertained was to schedule the annual Rutgers or Temple blowout that weekend. Thanks, SU.

These days we've seen a return to competitive football games, like the West Virginia Mountaineers game. Thank goodness. There's only so much smalltalk you can get out over those three days. You don't need any boring football games freeing up more of it.