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Syracuse No. 5 In Preseason USA Today/ESPN Top 25

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And so it begins. The Syracuse Orange have been voted as the No. 5 team in all the land by the coaches who vote in the USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Poll.

The Orange received 649 points, which put them just below No. 4 UConn and just ahead of No. 6 Duke. Technically, both of those teams are conference rivals.

North Carolina is your near-undisputed No. 1. They received 30 of the 31 first-place votes. The lone dissenter went with Kentucky, who is No. 2. Ohio State is your No. 3.

Other Big East squads include No. 8 Louisville, No. 11 Pittsburgh, No. 21 Marquette and No. 22 Cincinnati. Villanova, West Virginia, St. John's (!!!) and Notre Dame also received votes.

Syracuse will likely get a similar ranking in the forthcoming AP Poll and we'll all continue to spiral into madness as we remember all the other recent times the Orange were highly-ranked to start a season and fell short of expectations.