The biggest coaching error yesterday

I had a problem with the field goal on 4th down in overtime, but I could see why Marrone didn't have confidence in the offense. I also thought we should have punted on 4th down at the end of regulation rather than force a pass, which almost ended the game for Rutgers - although that didn't end up hurting us, so it wasn't that big a deal.

To me, the major coaching mistake yesterday - besides the terrible play calling all day - was taking Antwon Bailey out of the game on 3rd and 1 on the first possession of overtime. In my opinion, this move essentially cost SU the game.

1. Bailey is your best offensive weapon - obviously he made THE key mistake later in the game, but at that time he was having the best day - and when you need a big play, you have to give it to your best player. I want the ball in Bailey's hands whenever I need a conversion on the ground.

2. Jerome Smith only runs straight - which could be a good thing on 3rd and short - but when when you LITERALLY cannot cut at all, there is no chance of a conversion if the blocking breaks down at any point. Bailey could have made a cut and improvised. Smith could not.

3. Smith is only 12 lbs heavier than Bailey, according to the roster. Considering Smith is taller, Bailey basically has as much "bulk" as Smith and should be able to move a pile just as well. 

You need a yard on the ground, so you downgrade your running back position. This makes absolutely no sense. Convert that 3rd down, and SU probably wins the game. They didn't, and they didn't. Big mistake.