Why did the fans check out early?

Late in the 4th quarter Rutgers had the ball deep in our end and was trying to tie the game.  Am I the only one wondering where the hell was the crowd noise as this was happening? It looked like a lot of people were in the Dome, so why the fuck were they sitting on their hands as the opponent was (slowly, methodically) inching closer and closer to the goal line? The place should have been deafening. And why weren't our defensive leaders egging the crowd on by doign that wavy arm thing to get them riled up? (Not that they should need to)... was everyone so occupied playing with their fucking car keys? (Which is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen)... Dome I am disappoint... why bother putting a lot of bodies in the seats if they don't make any god damned noise anyway?  I have no more words..