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Syracuse To Honor Ernie Davis At Halftime Friday. That's It?

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I was pretty sure the 50th Anniversary of Ernie Davis winning the Heisman Trophy was going to be a big deal this season.

In the last few years along, we've seen the arrival of Ernie Davis Legends Field, the Ernie Davis Statue, the Ernie Davis Scrimmage and, of course, The Express. If there was a chance to shout to the Dometops about Ernie Davis, Syracuse took advantage of it. And rightfully so.

Throw in the fact that fellow #44 Floyd Little is back in the fold and you just had to think that the 50th Anniversary of Ernie's Heisman Trophy win was going to be a really big deal.

Turns out...not that much.

At halftime on Friday, SU will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ernie Davis winning the Heisman Trophy. Davis made history in 1961 when he became the first African-American to receive the award.

That's it? A halftime celebration? I mean, I'm sure it'll be really nice. They'll bring some people out. Photos will be taken. A solemn moment will be had.

But...aren't we talking about Ernie Davis here? The first African-American Heisman Trophy winner? The Patron Saint of Syracuse Football? In a day and age when SU football gets besmirched at every chance, shouldn't be doing something HA-YUGE for this to showcase our history, tradition and importance to the world of college football and African-American history?

Maybe I'm just jaded after the Midnight Madness showcase but I stand by my original proposal:

Not that anyone's asking my opinion, but if Syracuse was ever saving up for a weekend that features every living great SU running back, this would be the time. I mean, you already know Floyd Little will be on hand. Just imagine if we could also get Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Joe Morris, Daryl Johnston, Walter Reyes, Curtis Brinkley, Michael Owens, Delone Carter and Rob Konrad back under one Dome for a celebration honoring Ernie? Not to mention the requisite photo of all those greats standing around the Ernie Davis statue?

Looks like Delone is busy, but, otherwise? Come on now...