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Jing Pu Out As Syracuse Volleyball Coach, Probably My Fault

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Last Wednesday, I honored Syracuse Orange volleyball coach Jing Pu by naming him a Real Orange Hero following his 100th Big East coaching victory.

Today, he was fired.

Syracuse University women’s volleyball head coach Jing Pu has been relieved of his duties. Current assistant coach Kelly Morrisroe will serve as the interim head coach and Matt Soderstrom as interim associate head coach for the remainder of the season.

"We appreciate Coach Pu's years of service. We will look to take the program to the highest level going forward and give our student-athletes the opportunity to compete for championships," said Syracuse University Director of Athletics Dr. Daryl Gross.

My bad, you guys.

The Volleyball Team (13-8) is coming off a loss to Marquette, and we all know how miffed is with Marquette these days, so perhaps that was too much for DOC Gross to bear?

Meet new head coach Kelly Morrisroe here...

H/T: nymetsfan1226