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'Unforgettable' Carries The Syracuse-Themed TV Show Torch

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Shamefully, we no longer live in a world where Men Of A Certain Age is on TV and that's a shame. Not just because the lead characters all went to Syracuse together and would reference the school from time-to-time, but because it was actually a great show.

(That said, I always wanted to know how these three guys ended up at SU. Owen was the son of a Los Angeles Laker...seems strange he'd trek it cross country during his Dad's glory years. Terry is a California guy through and through. Only Joe seems like he's a Northeastern guy who would have attended SU without raising eyebrows. Do I read into it too much? Absolutely. And yes, I know people from the West Coast attend Syracuse. know. I need to know things.)

ANYWAY, it seems as though the unwritten Hollywood rule, "At least one program on television must make references to Syracuse, NY at all times," remains in effect. A new CBS television series called "Unforgettable" is your new favorite TV show.

"Unforgettable" is the name of the new police procedural drama where Syracuse, the Syracuse Police Department, Syracuse University and possibly other Central New York locales figure prominently.

In the pilot, a neighbor of Carrie is killed. That sets up her reuniting with her former lover and mentor while both were detectives in Syracuse. He’s Al Burns, played by Dylan Walsh, and he’s now a detective with the New York Police Department. He also worked the now-closed investigation into the killing of Carrie’s sister years ago.

"We say ‘Syracuse’ in every episode," said Bellucci. "The name itself has become a stand-in to represent Al and Carrie’s past when they were lovers and on the Syracuse Police force. As we said in the pilot, ‘Syracuse all over again."’

There are four mentions of Syracuse in the pilot alone. If, by the end of season one, there isn't one of those "Every time someone says Syracuse" montages on YouTube, I'm going to be very disappointed.

Because you're wondering, the show's creators actually have no connection to SU or Syracuse. That said, creator and exec. producer John Bellucci considers himself "a distant fan of the (SU) basketball team...come NCAA time, I root for Syracuse." Good enough.