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Big East Rankings: Syracuse Moving Up While Everyone Self-Destructs

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"Big East Football" is a dirty phrase for a lot of folks out there and the last couple weeks have reminded everyone why.

Parity has and continues to reign in this conference and, as long as it does, the reputation shall remain.

Yes, West Virginia, Rutgers and Cincinnati are 5-1. But would it shock you beyond the realm of possibility if all three of them lost their next game? Probably not. It's gonna take one of them running the table and beating the pants off of whoever they play in the Orange Bowl to change that tune. Bit much to ask at the moment.

The good news is that a bye week can be a great time to gain ground in the conference rankings.

In the SB Nation Big East Rankings, the Orange jumped two spots from No. 6 to No. 4 without doing a thing. Congrats to UConn for not being in last place. Big day for you guys.

Over at ESPN, Adelson moved the Orange up to No. 4 as well. And she, gasp, comes out swinging for SU...

Their wins might not be pretty this season, but they do have two against teams with winning records, and their two losses are to teams that are a combined 10-2 (USC, Rutgers).

Over at Athlon, they're keeping the Orange in the six-hole, behind South Florida and their rapidly-declining season.