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Syracuse vs. West Virginia: Trading 'Separation' For 'Consistency'

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And so, with our victory over Bye Week behind us, we move on to play the hated West Virginia Mountaineers.

Separation was the word of the bye week and Doug Marrone's squad had plenty of time to separate themselves from the 4-2 start that has been equal parts frustrating and exhilaration for everyone involved. The word of the week is no longer separation, it is now "consistency."

"Consistency," Marrone said Sunday before the team convened for an afternoon practice. "That’s what we haven’t been. Consistent. Try to play consistent football for 60 minutes. We have in spots but not nearly enough."

The best news of the week is that Chandler Jones will be back in uniform and on the football field. Out for the past five games thanks to "lower body" injuries, Jones "has looked great in practice" according to Marrone. #SHAMARKO Thomas and Olando Fisher are also getting better and better as they've returned from injuries.

Speaking of Olando, he's often the "other" guy in the injury recovery discussion but Brent Axe thinks Fisher's return might be just as important as that of Chan-Chan.

Fisher's return adds a valuable piece to Scott Shafer's Okie package, which will be put to the test vs West Virginia's aerial assualt. Doug Marrone has been telling anyone who would listen that Fisher's absence was as big as anyone who was out of uniform lately.

Over on the West Virginia side, coach Dana Holgorsen doesn't want his first trip to the Carrier Dome to be a repeat of last year's result for the 'Neers.

"Controlling the clock and keeping our defense on the field and trying to personnel them in different groups and stuff was something they had some success with," the head coach said, giving his breakdown of the Orange’s 2010 tactics against WVU. "We assume they’re going to be doing some of the same stuff like last year.

"Defensively, they’ve got experience coming back, guys that can make plays, so in a road game, you know, it will be a challenge like every week is in the Big East. We’re looking forward to a Friday night ESPN national television game against a quality opponent."


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