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Syracuse Midnight Madness: Videos, Photos, Recap & Whatnot

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Madness. via <a href="!/KevinBelbey" target="new">Kevin Belbey</a>
Madness. via Kevin Belbey

I'll do my best to collect everything you could possibly need to know, watch, review and discuss from Syracuse Orange basketball Midnight Madness on Friday.

I'll just let John Wallace kick things off...

"This is the most incredible Midnight Madness ever. In history,’’ Wallace said. "We’ve got 28,000 at Midnight Madness. We’ve got all the great alumni here. The greatest players and all the legends. The current players. Coach. It’s an epic event.’’


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James Sutherland's nasty dunk...

Syracuse University basketball fans fill the Carrier Dome for a look at this year's men's and women's teams, as well as watch an exhibition game by former stars, during this year's Midnight Madness via

Former Syracuse University men's basketball stars suit up once again for a game among the elite at the 2011 Midnight Madness, in the Carrier Dome via

Bubba5497's Midnight Madness footage:

Meek Mill and his hype man's Dion Waiters jersey:

Syracuse basketball player intros...

Carmelo Anthony's entrance: