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Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness LiveThread

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This is blasphemy...This is madness...THIS. IS. SYRACUSE!

300 references in the year 2011. Definitely a good idea.

So here it is. The 2011-2012 season officially gets underway tonight with Midnight Madness.It's all sold out so I hope you're not just planning on showing up. Unless you're Carmelo, in which case I think you'll be fine.

If you haven't already, cast your vote for who will win and score the last points of the Legends Game. Make sure you've scouted the game as well so you know the in's and out's, X's and O's.

The current squad may be armed and dangerous so proceed with caution and make sue you wear plenty of orange at all times for safety.

Say hi to the recruits in the house if you see them. Especially Nerlens, you can't miss him.

No, Meek Mill's performance is not the appropriate time for a bathroom break. Russian Bar Trio's performance totally is, though.

Everything will be televised on and possible on ESPNU as well so get tuned in and leave your comments below. G'ORANGE!