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Big East Expansion: Boise, Air Force, Navy & UCF Getting Invites, Says Reports

Well, here we go.

I've already written a whole bunch so here's everything that's going on with the Big East and the Boise St. Broncos, Air Force Falcons, Navy Midshipmen and Central Florida Knights.

And don't think that as a Syracuse Orange fan this doesn't concern you. If the Big East sticks to its guns on the 27-month plan and these teams join the conference ASAP, we'll start playing them in football next season.

In other words, get ready to book that trip to Boise, folks. Hey, that's only 8 hours away from me...BONUS!

So, what do you think? Ultimately, since the Big East doesn't have it in them to think outside the box, adding Boise was the smartest choice out there. Navy and Air Force...I guess. I get the whole "tradition" thing, but, you know. And I happen to think UCF is a smart choice. They've done everything right to try and make themselves attractive as a BCS starter program and I think they should be able to get competitive (in football) pretty quick.