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Carmelo Anthony Is Seriously Concerned About Your Hands & Feet

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Carmelo Anthony and his appearance at the Syracuse Orange Midnight Madness event tonight remains up in the air. I'm beginning to think he's going to make it since he's apparently chosen this week to promote everything he can get his well-gripping hands on.

You already know that Melo's M8 sneakers have hit the shelves. Now, Carmelo has made it easier to reach up and grab those shoes of the shelves by unveiling his partnership with Mission Athletecare on the Power-Grip, a replacement for chalk that's designed to combat the effects of sweaty hands (a problem you know all too well).

Power-Grip comes with the tag line, "Liquid chalk technology," which I swear to God I didn't make up. If successful, it will replace talcum powder and seriously hamper LeBron James' pre-game ritual. Bummer for LeBron.

Carmelo's an investor in the company, which also has a product called Court-Grip. It's basically the same thing but for your feet. Even coach Boeheim is a believer. Look how excited he is...