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Syracuse Midnight Madness: Recruits In The Loud House

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Syracuse Orange basketball Midnight Madness is a celebration for the fans and for the players as they begin the delicate dance of the upcoming season. It's a chance for celebration and celebration of what we hope is going to be a successful season.

It is also a sure-fire to wow the pants off of basketball recruits (figuratively-speaking). And SU will have quite a few recruits on hand to have their pants wowed right off them.



Also reportedly attending are 2013 SU verbal commit Jerami Grant and the fantastically-named Goodluck Okonoboh, though I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere.

In case you're unfamiliar...

2013 Class recruit Tyler Ennis visits us from St. Benedict's in NJ. He's a four-star recruit and considered a Top 150 talent. He's got offers from tons of schools including BC, Cincy, Georgetown, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Villanova and West Virginia.

6'0" guard Isaiah Briscoe is a top prospect in the 2015 Class. Also hailing from St. Benedict's, he's already got offers from Baylor, Cincy, DePaul, Pitt, Rutgers and Seton Hall. However, none of them have our Midnight Madness...

6'10" Nerlens Noel is a five-star recruit rated among the best centers in the 2013 Class. He's the big fish of the evening. We're on the list but so is UConn, Duke, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Pitt and a few more. We need to get him because, first of all, his name is Nerlens, and, second of all, he has a FANTASTIC flat-top. Look for him in the Dome, you can't miss'm.

Zach Radz is something of a phenom. A national story ever since his middle school days, he's met Kobe Bryant and is one of those project prospects keeping an eye on. He's a Class of 2015 recruit.

There may be more recruits added or confirmed, The Recruit Scoop is a great source for keeping up to the minute.