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Of Course The ACC Move Was About Money, But It Was About Stability Too

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DOCTOR Daryl Gross says the Syracuse Orange's move to the ACC is about stability.

"That's not about the money," Gross said. "We can stay in the Big East and get the same deal in 18 months from now. So it's not about the money. That's totally wrong. I've heard that over and over. I've heard it nationally, I've heard it locally, I've heard it everywhere."

Nancy Cantor was forced to make it seem as though it was about academics and Olympic sports.

Former Syracuse AD doesn't have to sugarcoat anything anymore and so he can just tell the truth.

"Well, I can't disagree with Daryl about the stability," Crouthamel said. "But when you translate that, that means dollars. If you look at the TV contract that the ACC has and the TV contract that the Big East has, there's hardly any comparison. So you go where the money is."

I say, why can't it be about both money AND stability?

The Daily Orange has a good rundown on why its all about both. Basically, it sounds like it came down to the TV deal that the Big East turned down. Gross intimates that, had the Big East accepted the deal, we'd probably be a member for years to come.

The article also breaks down how the ACC's revenue-sharing model is far superior to the Big East's, namely because they share all revenue across every school and have far fewer schools to divvy everything up between. According to the article, Syracuse would have received an extra $3.5 million last year had it been a member of the ACC. Of course, there are rising expenses that would have cut into that, but it still would have been a significant gain.