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Midnight Madness Contest: Who Will Win The Syracuse Legends Game?

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Tomorrow night, Gerry McNamara, Jonny Flynn, Adrian Autry, John Wallace, Lawrence Moten and whole host of Syracuse Orange basketball legends will take the court for the Midnight Madness Legends Game.

It's Christmas (or Hanukkah) in October for Syracuse fans.

One team will be coached by Derrick Coleman and Pearl Washington. That team will consist of Lazarus Sims, John Wallace, Donte Greene, Adrian Autry, Hakim Warrick and Lawrence Moten.

The other team will be coached by Mike Hopkins and Billy Owens. That squad will include Jonny Flynn, Wes Johnson, Gerry McNamara, Howard Triche and Roosevelt Bouie.

And so, let's turn this into a contest, shall we? The folks at Propcorn (started by an SU alum) have been kind enough to offer up a vote tabulator to help us decide which team will win the game. Go ahead and place your vote below.

In order to qualify you for the contest, you then have to leave a bonus answer in the comments: WHO WILL SCORE THE FINAL POINTS OF THE GAME? Could be a three-pointer, a two-point shot or a free throw. Doesn't matter. I'm looking for the Syracuse Legend that scores last.

In the event of a tie, I'll throw the names in a figurative hat and pick one winner.

Pick your game winner, leave your bonus answer below and the winner will get a signed copy of How To Grow An Orange.