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Syracuse vs. Bye Week: Brought To You By The Word 'Separation'

There have been times when Syracuse Orange football has looked tremendous. At other times, from the standpoint of not looking tremendous, they have not looked tremendous. Despite being 4-2 heading into the bye, Doug Marrone doesn't exactly have the word "tremendous" on his mind, at least from the standpoint of having words on minds.

No, the word on Doug's mind this week...Separation.

"I think right now is a good time for just a little bit of separation," he said during his segment on the weekly Big East coaches teleconference call. "For the coaches, now is the time to take a deep breath and really take a good, hard look at ourselves, what our expectations were before the season with our scheme and players and where we’re fulfilling those expectations, where we’re not and why we’re not."

"I believe game plans can become stale," he said. "That has been my philosophy since I’ve been here. I think right now is a good time for just a little bit of separation. I believe before we start working on our next opponent we need to know who we are right now."

Everyone...separate! Go to the woods and make for higher ground. Live off the land. Make a fresh kill. Live among the beasts. We'll meet back here next week to discuss what we've learned. GO!

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