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Big East Discussing Possible Legal Action Against Syracuse & Pitt According To Report

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I wrote a whole thing on SB Nation this morning about how, in hindsight, the Big East could have prevent its impending fate. Nothing new for you guys, much of the same stuff I've been saying here for years. The crux, as always, is that the Big East never seems to think five steps ahead, only three steps back.

CBSSports'com's Brett McMurphy, who kills it on Big East news like no one else, is reporting that the Big East has plans to discuss "potential legal strategies in the wake of the departures of Pittsburgh and Syracuse."

That development comes from leaked internal e-mails (OY, Big East) that also note that the Big East Presidents nixed John Marinatto's plans to increase the league’s exit fee from $5 million to between $17 and $20 million.

Gee, wonder why West Virginia, UConn and Rutgers might have been against that...

If you were to list out the most wasteful and unnecessary things the Big East could be focusing on right now, potentially-suing Syracuse and Pittsburgh are near the top of that list. But then again, that's what makes the Big East the Big East.

I can understand the idea behind the exit fees a little better. Especially with word coming from Navy and Army that neither finds the fractured Big East all that appealing right now (think about that for a second). 

People need assurances in order to commit to you. You know how I know that? Because that's why we left. We received little.

One thing I think is probably clear here...the Big East is going to do whatever it takes to hold us to the 27-month timeline. If we're leaving for the ACC, the Big East is gonna guilt trip us the whole way there.

Addendum: BC Interruption asks the obvious question. "So if the Big East is going to hold Syracuse and Pitt hostage for 27 months, then they'll also respect MAC, MWC and CUSA exit windows too?"