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Syracuse Basketball Individual Game Tickets Now On Sale

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The day has arrived, Syracuse Orange basketball fans. 2011-2012 basketball season tickets are officially on sale.


Everything from Syracuse's exhibition game against CSULA to the Big East home games are up for grabs.

Here's the full schedule if you need something to reference. If you need some pointers...

Tuesday, November 29 - Eastern Michigan: The return of Rob Murphy and DaShonte Riley. What's great about this game is that you can officially stop following DaShonte on Twitter after this.

Friday, December 2 - Florida: Big game, big programs, big stage (ESPN/ESPN2). The Dome better be nuts, you guys.

Thursday, December 22 - Tulane: If only to show them what a packed Dome actually looks like.

Wednesday, December 28 - Seton Hall: Hey, Seton Hall. We remember what happened last time you came to the Dome. Payback, you son's of a mother's uncle.

Saturday, January 7 - Marquette: Hey, Marquette. We remember what happened last time we played you. Payback, you mother of an uncle's son of a gun.

Monday, January 16 - Pittsburgh: You want a Zoo? We'll give you a Zoo.

Wednesday, February 8 - Georgetown: A given? A given.

Saturday, February 11 - UConn: A given? A given.

Saturday, March 3 - Louisville: Hi, Rick Pitino. We don't like you. We're going to let you know about it.