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Real Orange Heroes: Syracuse Volleyball Coach Jing Pu

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You can't talk about Syracuse Orange volleyball without talking about Jing Pu.

Syracuse's head coach since 1995, Pu is the two-time Big East Coach of the Year (‘96, ‘04), has over 400 career victories, has coached two All-Americans and has fifteen winning seasons in sixteen years.



This past Friday, the volleyball squad topped Villanova (25-21, 25-20, 20-25, 28-26) as Pu earned his 100th-career Big East victory.

Andrea Fisher, Sam Hinz, Noemie Lefebvre and Nicolette Serratore each had at least 10 kills, while Lefebvre, Laura Homann, Julia Mindlina and Ashley Williams had double-digit digs.

His overall record heading into this season was 465-257 and his SU record was 326-207. With a 13-6 season so far, those numbers just continue to climb. I credit his stretching techniques.

DOC Gross gets all the credit for making Syracuse into New York's College Team. Coach Pu actually puts that into practice:

"Jing has this thing where we need to beat all the New York state teams, so he sort of pushes us to make sure we beat them," middle blocker Sam Hinz said.

In the midst of a four-match wining streak, the Orange host Georgetown this Sunday at the Women’s Building at 2 p.m. Be there.

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