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Syracuse vs. Bye Week: Don't Sleep On The Fightin' Byes

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There's been a lot of talk about how the Syracuse Orange get some kind of reprieve this weekend. I'm not sure what everyone else is looking at but I just don't see it that way.

You saw how we struggled to put away Rhode Island and Tulane. So what makes you think we can simply walk into Bye Stadium and notch an easy victory over Bye Week?


The Bye Week Fightin' Byes might not have any wins this season, or any season, but they're not an opponent Syracuse fans can take lightly. Considering the Orange always find a way to make every game scary, there's no doubt they'll somehow find themselves in a close call late on Saturday against Bye Week. Whether or not they can pull yet another one out remains to be seen.

Let's do some scouting.


What he lacks in boyish good looks, QB #14 more than makes up for in Stamina, Prestige and Kick Accuracy. Don't be fooled by his overall score, he's a 98 in Pass Blocking. That will come back to haunt us.


HB #20 has dreadlocks, so you know he's good. He also constantly has a look on his face that seems to say, "Are you gonna finish that egg salad sandwich?" It's the kind of mental misdirection that can give SU fits. Sure he's only a 56 Overall but he's a 92 on Injury. So if the Orange are hoping he pulls a hammy during one of his 2-yard runs, it looks unlikely.


WR #9 might look all innocent but he's a real terror. A 67 Overall, he brings a phalanx of mediocre speed, mediocre hands and mediocre route running, a deadly combination against this Syracuse defensive secondary.


Bye Week's most talented player, MLB #34 was weened on the grass-fed beef of Iowa before matriculating at BWU. He's from America's Heartland and he might just steal the hearts of SU fans with his slightly-better-than-average tackling ability. Macky MacPherson, prepare to meet your doom. Or at least be aware this guy might sack Ryan Nassib if you trip.

  • Syracuse opens at a -3 favorite against Bye Week. Honestly, I feel like that line's already too big.
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"From the standpoint of our coaches, we're going to take a good look at ourselves and what we've been doing ... and what we need to do to get better going into another four-game stretch," Marrone said Monday on the weekly Big East teleconference. "Obviously, we have to do better in all three phases for us to be able to compete and get into a good situation with these six games remaining."