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Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness: Orange Legends Return To Dome

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Let's have some real talk.

When you first heard about the Midnight Madness event set for this Friday night, it sounded pretty awful. Tone Loc. A Jersey Shore girl. Some act from America's Got Talent.

What was going on? What were the justifications for all of this? What did any of those people add to an event that's supposed to be about the Syracuse Orange men's and women's basketball teams?

It took a little domestic violence to get the ball rolling but pretty soon Tone Loc was out. Apparently, so was Jersey Shore lady.

In was Meek Mill, who you and I might think is the worst rapper to ever exist, but is a genius addition considering he's good buddies with Dion Waiters and almost-certainly a favorite of some impending recruits who may be in the building.

(Seriously, I listened to that song of his after this was announced and...I mean, look, I'm not the target audience, I get that. I'm a suburban white Jew who lists Ben Folds and Kate Rusby amongst his favorite musical acts, so, you know. But I grew up in the early 90's, the halcyon days of hip-hop, if you will. I know my Nice N'Smooth from my Dr. Dre from my Cut Chemist. If it sounds good, I can dig it. But...SWEET MOTHER that is some terrible music. And with that, I officially do not understand The Kids anymore.)

ANYway, the point is, I don't have to get the music, I just need to know that everything being done for Midnight Madness is in the best interest of the Syracuse University basketball program.

And this latest news is EXACTLY what we've been waiting to hear:

Some of the greatest names in Syracuse history will take to the Carrier Dome court during Syracuse's Midnight Madness event this Friday.

Syracuse legends Derrick Coleman, Hakim Warrick, Billy Owens, Pearl Washington, John Wallace, Donte Greene, Jonny Flynn, Wes Johnson, Roosevelt Bouie, Andy Rautins and Donte Greene will take part in a historic Orange alumni game.

According to the guy running the show, Carmelo Anthony has been invited but has yet to RSVP. (Update: He's in!)

Members of the coaching staff, including Gerry McNamara, Lazarus Sims, Mike Hopkins and Adrian Autry, might also compete. No word on whether or not Bernie Fine will suit up as well.

About the only thing that could make this any better is if it were some kind of Syracuse All-Stars vs. Villains match-up, like they're doing in Kentucky. Alas, maybe next year.

Players will be signing autographs and posing for pics as well.

The event will be featured on ESPNU and so all of us can enjoy the festivities.

Gotta say, if Midnight Madness started out sound like a "don't want to," it's officially become a "can't miss." Nice save, everyone.