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BlogPoll Top 25: Week 7 Ballot

I decided to bump LSU up to No. 1. Every week it seems like one of those three teams does something to look a little better than the other two. And then it's another one. Until LSU plays Alabama and then one of them plays Oklahoma for the National Title, we'll just keep doing this.

I keep creeping Clemson up because, well, they just keep proving they deserve it.

I know I gave Texas a real tumble for losing to one of the best teams in the nation, but, did you see that game? Yikes.

I know Florida is out of the rankings but it's not like the state of Texas is doing much better. They own the 20's right now.

Wake Forest gets a little love from me for that win over FSU. Undefeated since their season-opening loss. Whoever beat them must be really good...