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Syracuse vs. West Virginia Deemed ESPN-Worthy

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By the time the Syracuse Orange plays the West Virginia Mountaineers, we'll be past the midway point of the season. It used to be that the powers-that-be figured out by now that the Orange are better left for the ESPNUs and ESPN3s of the world. Those days have ceased to be.

Originally a toss-up between ESPN and ESPN2, the Friday night (October 21st) SU-WVU game will be televised on ESPN at 8pm ET.

The Schwartzwalder Trophy, which Syracuse is in possession of, will be on the line and all the nation gets to watch the Orange attempt to make Oliver Luck eat his words. It's not gonna be easy but then again, it didn't look easy last year either.

I think it goes without saying, you need to be there. Don't make Dana Holgorsen get mad at you for not filling the seats. Expect your video message from Doug Marrone asking you come out in your finest orange any minute now...