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Rutgers 19 - Syracuse 16 (2 OT): Now Serving...Hot Orange Turnover

You might want to say that Syracuse should have won their game Saturday against Rutgers but that would be untrue.

You might want to say that Syracuse deserved to win their game Saturday against but that too would be untrue.

Because no one should have won that game and no one deserved to win the game that Rutgers eventually did win, 19-16 in double overtime.

I understand the rules dictate there can no longer be ties in college football (much to Pat Tye's chagrin). That said, the referees should have decided after the first overtime that,clearly, neither team wanted this game badly enough to warrant the continued search for a winner and loser.

In my (and Mookie Jones') mind, we're 3-1-1.

But in the real world, we're 3-2 because we made our final mistake after they made theirs.

There are long games, there are ugly games and then there are long, ugly games and this one was the third one by far. SO long, you guys. SO ugly, you guys. I can't even sit here are do any kind of breakdown, my brain hasn't reformed from the pile of mush it was turned into.

There were at least nine times I thought the karmic revenge of the Toledo call was coming back to bite us (the 827 missed/blocked kicks) and about nine other times that it seemed like whatever luck was carrying us through our roughest patches was going to do so again (the phantom extra down we got in the final regulation drive).

Ryan Nassib had a rough game but I don't know if you can lay it all at his feet. That interception in the endzone was a tipped fluke and the interception on the final regulation drive was due to him forcing it because his receivers weren't doing enough. I'm sure he's going to put the blame on himself, as any leader should, but his stats were not entirely his own.

Today, Antwon Bailey learned the valuable lesson that all the yards and touchdowns in the world don't mean squat if you can't be counted on to hold on to the football.

Mikhail Marinovich was a menace, I just wish Chandler Jones had been there to provide even more pressure. That said, the defense did everything it could.

Dyshawn Davis is your new God. Bow before him, lest he collide with you and severe body parts from your torso.

And so, we're 3-2, which sure as hell ain't 4-1. Plus, we lost yet another Big East game at home, not to mention how critical it was to beat these guys and do it in front a crowded Dome (42K announced). Meh.

Tulane is pretty terrible, so there's that. Focus on that.

Now go watch Doug Marrone, Ryan Nassib and Antwon Bailey look miserable via