The next letter Doug Marrone should send:

Dear Fans,

Recently, we asked for more than the usual support from you and even offered free game tickets to any students with valid Syracuse University ID's. Unfortunately, we did not produce on the field.

Not only did we not execute our game plan, we failed to give a supportive crowd any reason for sustained joy. We committed mental error after mental error, and appeared to take a step back to what we used to be in recent years instead of what I know we are, and that is winners.

Some of you may question why on 4th and inches with the ball near the goal line, I decided to kick a field goal instead of simply having Ryan dive forward on a play that works 90% of the time. The answer is simple, I blew it. I didn't have the same faith in my team and their abilities that I expect them to have in each other in a high pressure situation. After all the mental mistakes I had witnessed over the course of the afternoon, at that moment I committed one of my own. For that, I apologize.

So what is the plan going forward? To state it simply, we have to get better. Obviously something I am doing is leaving the team unprepared for the tasks that they are facing this year, and I take responsibility for that. We have tremendous players who have proven themselves to be great both on and off the field. So I vow to you that if you continue to support this team, we will be better.

Thank you for your continued support of the team, which I promise I will prove to you is not unfounded.


Doug Marrone