The Honeymoon is Over, Folks!

I try to be positive, but this was the worst game of the Marrone era.  We have played poorly in games.  We have failed to make plays.  But this was a game where Rutgers handed the game to us on a silver platter... and we looked at it like it was fried worms.

There are four goats today:

Marrone... no guts at all down the stretch or in overtime.  Why are we running the ball on 1st down with 1:00 to go?  Especially a play that is not designed to catch anyone off guard.  Why are we not going for a TD?  Our kicker missed an XP.  We are satisfied with a FG?

Hackett... terrible playcalling all day.  Is the slant the only play we have?  It was like watching a G-Rob offense out there.  If they are getting pressure... move the pocket.  I can't think the absence of PTG was suddenly such a blow to our passing game.  And when you get 1st and goal at the 4... you do not empty the backfield.  If you want to pass, at least run play action.

Nassib... terrible execution most of the day.  I know he took a big hit.  But if he wants this team to be "his," he needs to be a leader.  The warning signs were there... 21 pts against Rhode Island.  In a big game, he wasn't there today. 

Bailey... DC3 gets paid to play football.  That's because he runs north/south and treasures the football.  Two huge fumbles.  Stop dancing and run.

But there were some great things from our D:

Good coverage on Sanu most of the game. 

Nice pressure on the QB today.  Unlike the prior games, we were able to make them hurry.

The defense played its heart out.  It's going to have to because we haven't had an offense in this town since McNabb and we don't have it now.


We are not an 8-win team.  We are likely not a bowl team.  This was a game we had to win and we choked.  The team snatched a clear and unmistakable 4-1 by playing some of the dumbest football we have seen since G-Rob. 

Sorry I can't be more positive, but this team doesn't deserve it. Disgusting effort (excluding the defense).